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Brownie and chocolate mousse cups

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Adjust Servings:
Chocolate mousse
250 ml Whip cream
60 g Confectioners sugar
60 g Milk Chocolate
40 g Dark chocolate
1 Tbps Cocoa powder
2 Eggs Medium or large
1\4 tsp Vanila
pinch cream of tarter
Chocolate brownie
300 g Chocolate brownie
15 g Cashews garnish
20 g Dark chocolate garnish
20 g Confectioners sugar garnish

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Brownie and chocolate mousse cups

Smooth chocolate cream covering gooey chocolate brownies

Creamy and soft mousse with gooey chocolate brownies

  • 40 Minutes
  • Serves 6
  • Medium
Waiting time 40 Minutes


  • Chocolate mousse

  • Chocolate brownie



We made gooey chocolate brownies last time and we wanted to expand on that to help one of our dear friends, this was made as an alternative option for wedding cakes. Something everyone can enjoy and love which tastes amazing and wouldn’t take too much time to make.

Refer the brownies recipe in our blog, we will continue here with the chocolate mousse recipe.



Prep ingredients

Chop both types of chocolate into small bits and add them together with cocoa powder into a small bowl
crack two eggs into a separate bowl


Melt the chocolate mixture

Heat up the chocolate mixture by placing on top of a steaming hot water bath (do not let the base of the bowl to touch the water) stir gradually
Add a splash of whip cream to help with mixing, stir until all is mixed and a consistent paste is formed
Alternatively, you can put the mixture into a microwave for about 60 seconds which is what we did take out and mix well until a consistent paste is formed
Let it cool for a while but do not let is lose the warmth completely


Whisk eggs till frothy

Beat two eggs for about a minute add a pinch of cream of tartar and 50 g sugar into the mixture (leave the remaining 10 g of the sugar for whip cream)
mix well until the whole mixture is frothy


Mix egg and chocolate mixture

Add the slightly warm chocolate mixture into the egg mixture ( the warmth will help to give a better smell)
mix until both are well combined


Whisk the whip cream

Add whip cream into a bowl and add the vanilla and remaining 10 g of sugar and whisk until mixture becomes thick, at this point when you lift the whisk it will form soft peaks


mix all together

Mix chocolate and egg mixture with whip cream
To make brownie cups follow the next steps

If you prefer to try only chocolate mousse put the mixture to cool in the fridge preferably leave it overnight
Once its out its good to eat


Prep brownie cups

Break about 50 g of brownies into medium size pcs
place them in a glass or a jar leaving enough free space to fill the mousse
add chopped cashews and dark chocolate bits
fill the glass with the liquid mousse mixture leave some space on until the brim of the glass
Sprinkle some cashews and powder with cocoa powder and confectionary sugar
This can be stored in the fridge up to a week

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