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Easy three step homemade Greek yoghurt

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Adjust Servings:
1l Fresh yoghurt stirred yoghurt is preferred
Fresh yoghurt

Nutritional information

Serving size
86.3 Kcal
4.3 g
12.9 mg
4.5 g
7.3 g

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Easy three step homemade Greek yoghurt

Home made Greek style yoghurt


    Greek style yoghurt with mint and Honey!!!

    • 15 minutes
    • Serves 8
    • Easy




    Greek yoghurt is a very creamy yoghurt with a rich texture, this type of yoghurt can easily be made at home.  Greeks have been making this traditionally using sheep’s milk. What you will mostly find in a supermarket is the Greek style yoghurt where milk comes from cow’s milk, not sheep.

    In Sri Lanka, it is hard to find Greek-style yoghurt, and on rare occasions that we bought we didn’t like the taste and dried texture of those products. Although the name might make it sound very different greek style yoghurt is the type of yoghurt where most of the liquid whey has been drained off giving the remaining yoghurt a richer and homogeneous texture.

    The base of our Greek yoghurt was our homemade yoghurt recipe which you can check in our blog(we made strawberry flavoured yoghurt, you can skip adding the flavour and use plain yoghurt).  You can also use a storebought yoghurt as well.

    It is sufficient to let the yoghurt strain for 6 hours but we forgot ours and left it the fridge for 2 days but the taste was super!!!


    Few tips to look out for

    • If you are using a storebought yoghurt try going for a stirred yoghurt, it tasted better when we tried with it
    • Any type of cotton cloth can be used as long as it’s not too open or too thick if it’s an open cloth fold over a few time to create a better barrier



    Mix well

    Using a whisk or fork break and stir the yoghurt to help break the moisture within.



    Place a colander on a bowl or a dish.
    Lay a muslin cloth (you can use a normal thin cotton cloth, make sure its clean) inside a colander. Gently pour the yoghurt mixture on to the cloth and cover it. Store it in the refrigerator overnight or minimum of 6 hours.



    Once you take it out of the fridge you will see strained whey captured in the bowl. What's left on the colander is good to eat as it is. The homemade yoghurt which we use was unsweetened so we tried it with mint and honey and the taste was just pure refreshing! give it a try and you will love it.

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