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Pandan jelly with coconut cream

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Adjust Servings:
Pandan jelly
4 long leaves Pandan leaves Pandan is locally known as rampe
220 ml Raw coconut water if ripe coconut water is used this will change the taste
220 ml Water
1 1\4 Tbsp Gelatin powder
few drops Green food coloring to get the color
1 1\4 Tbsp Sugar to taste
Coconut cream
200 ml Coconut milk
200 ml Condensed milk about 240 g weight
50 ml Water
1 Tbps Corn starch

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Pandan jelly with coconut cream

A gourmet pandan dessert for food enthusiasts

make something different to take your taste buds out of this world

  • 40 minutes
  • Serves 5
  • Medium
Waiting time 3-4 hours for chilling


  • Pandan jelly

  • Coconut cream



Once we went for dinner at an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. We had a hot pot and a few noodle soups, something Tharaka likes a lot. What stood out for us the most was a dessert they served called pandan jelly with yoghurt.
We loved the taste of this weird dessert.  it had a taste something as I have never had before. So we kept it on the back of our mind to create this dessert one day and today is the first attempt of doing it.

We did some changes to this recipe which made it even tastier. Locally pandan(known in Sri Lanka as Rampe) is used as a herb to add taste to curries. We plucked fresh pandan from Sue’s parents home but can be found in any supermarket in Sri Lanka.

Here is our take on the south-east Asian cuisine pandan jelly this is our gourmetstory.


10 minutes

Extract pandan essence

Cut Pandan into small pcs.
Place a saucepan under medium heat. Add water, and cut pandan leaves into the pan and keep it boiling for 10 minutes, this will extract the flavor.
After reducing we got around 150 ml of Pandan essence.
By boiling the pandan without blending it, we were able to get the essence of pandan without bitterness.
Strain it and leave this solution aside.

5 minutes

Making the jelly

Keep a saucepan under medium high heat and add coconut water into the pan along with sugar and gelatine, mix thoroughly until gelatin has dissolved.
Add the pandan extract water which you made previously into this and stir well.
Add green coloring to the mixture until the desired color is achieved(few drops should be sufficient).

Pour the jelly into a tray and leave it to cool and place it in the fridge to set

10 minutes

Making the coconut cream

Add water, corn flour, coconut milk, and condensed milk into a saucepan. Put it under high heat, whisk until cornstarch is incorporated and the coconut cream mixture becomes frothy.
Transfer mixture into a Blender and blend in medium speed until froth is formed.
Pour the thick creamy sauce into a bowl and let it cool before placing it in the fridge

Once both the Jelly and the cream is cooled you can serve them together and life would never be the same ;).
This our story of making pandan jelly with coconut cream.

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